2021 Atlanta Harvest Incredible Talent

Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride, recently completed a 2-month tour with Magic Stars of Las Vegas throughout China, for which he is also a co-producer, even as he was seen back in the US fooling Penn & Teller on their popular TV show, Fool Us. McBride is a three-time award winner at the International Grand Prix of Magic in Monte Carlo and was named Magician of the Year by The Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle). His unique combination of masks, mime, mythic story and world-class sleight of hand earned him wide recognition as a foremost innovator and one of the most exciting performers in contemporary magic. Naming him “Vegas’ Best” Magician several years ago, the Las Vegas Review Journal wrote:  He recently toured South America with the world’s largest magic show, The Illusionists, and his McBride’s Wonderground magic nightclub has just completed its ninth year of performances in Las Vegas.

Michael Ammar

During the 1980s he developed a close friendship with his mentor, Dai Veron (“The Professor”), whose influence is apparent in Ammar’s performances.  Michael Ammar has many television credits. He was the magic week finale on Late Night with David Letterman in 2010. He has made multiple appearances on The Tonight Show.  He moved to Los Angeles – where he became a regular performer at the Playboy mansion, and made appearances on the Merv Griffin Show, The Tonight Show, CNN, and Travel Channel.

Michael Ammar appeared at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  By 1990, the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood had awarded him its “Oscar” in six separate categories (the maximum number of awards for which he is eligible).  Ammar has made private performances at Universal Studios and the Vatican.  He performed and coordinated the magic talent at George W. Bush’s Presidential inaugural banque.   He was the first featured performer at the “Caesars Magical Empire” at Caesars Palace.  

Micahel Ammar has performed on television in many countries, including: England, France, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Australia and Russia


Stephen Bargatze 

With over 25 years of stage experience with audiences from around the world at theaters, casino showrooms, performing arts centers, cruise ships, and corporate events as well as colleges and high schools.  He’s performed throughout the United States, Canada, England, and Austraila. 

Stephen Bargatze is a rare talent among entertainers.  His genuine personality endears him to any audience, and he quickly develops a strong, positive relationship with the crowd. No longer merely spectators, audiences find themselves caught up in the comedy and amazement of Stephen’s zany performance.  Stephen is also the President Elect for the International Brotherhood Of Magicians!

Dr. Steve Bedwell

After realizing that he was helping far too many people, Dr. Steve Bedwell left his medical career at a top London teaching hospital to become a full-time magician. Following this life-change from medical doctor to unemployed – a transition his ex-wife calls “bait and switch” – Dr. Steve has continued to make questionable choices.

He spent two years creating an entire act using a Sony Walkman just as it was disappearing from popular culture. Fortunately, just before retiring this brand new act, he won several international awards including the IBM Gold Cups. Steve’s also the only magician who, after winning all these prestigious awards, has never been featured on the cover of Genii, Magic Magazine or even the friggin’ Linking Ring!

These days he ekes out a meager living presenting a speech called: “How To Screw Up, Stress Out & Get Nothing Done!” This revolutionary program has transformed the workplace culture at Blockbuster Video, Toys-R-Us and Radio Shack.

 Bizarrely, as Steve continues to fumble through life making poor choices and procrastinating like a pro, his tricks have been featured by world-renowned magicians including Justin Willman, Cyril Takayama and Penn & Teller. And, after seeing Steve perform and lecture, just like Criss Angel, Derren Brown and David Blaine, you too might decide never to perform any of his routines.



In a world full of reality TV and lackluster entertainment, Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist strives to prove that “normal” is just the setting on a dryer.
Bizzaro’s magic has been seen in over a dozen countries and has appeared on FOX, NBC, America’s got Talent, CW’s Master’s of Illusion and the Travel Channelís Extreme Conventions. He is a regular performer at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.
He also creates original magic that is sold across the world. His creations have even been seen on TV shows such as Ellen, Magic For Humans on netlfix, The Late, Late Show, The Carbanaro Effect, and Wizard Wars on Syfy. He specializes in fabricating magic for other entertainers (including David Copperfield and Gallagher) and is a creative director and lecturer.


Described as the “Cream of the Crop” when it comes to entertainers, Banachek is the world’s leading Mentalist. His talents are so incredible that he is the only mentalist ever to fool scientists into believing he possessed ‘Psychic powers’ but to later reveal he was fooling them.

Performers around the world such as the colorful Penn & Teller, “The Amazing” James Randi and television’s unique street magician David Blaine seek his performing expertise. Companies and theaters seek him for his outstanding performing abilities.

Wolf Blitzer says of Banachek “Your one hell of an Entertainer.”

Penn & Teller say “”Banachek is brilliant…a magical thinker of deep, deep subtlety.” and Las Vegas style magazine is quoted as printing “Banachek is an astonishing go see.. buy a ticket.”

As a tribute to his expert performing abilities Banachek has been awarded the Campus Performer of the year two years in a row, from the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities and the Year 2000 Campus Novelty Act, beating out all other comedians, bands and other novelty acts. He has also received the coveted Psychic Entertainers Creativity award for his outstanding original contributions and inventions in the world of Mental entertainment.

You do not want to miss “The mind of the Man Who Fooled the Scientists, Banachek.”