2023 Atlanta Harvest Incredible Talent

Blake Vogt

Blake Vogt has designed illusions for David Copperfield, David Blaine, Dan White, Justin Willman, and many other world renowned magicians. He has performed on television multiples times being seen on The Late Show with James Corden, Ellen, Penn and Teller Fool Us, and was a semifinalist on America’s Got Talent. Blake is a master of both close-up magic and stage/parlor magic. In his lecture he will share his material for both venues by highlighting how he problem solves within the constraints of any particular show. You’ll also get an in depth look at how he develops the material that goes into his own touring show.

Carisa Hendrix AKA Lucy Darling

Carisa Hendrix is a respected magician and variety artist also known for their skills as a circus stunt girl and bubble performer. Featured in the Guinness Book of World Records (2014 Book, Page 86) and Ripley’s Believe it or Not, this 15-time award-winning performer has been thrilling audiences all over the world with iconic characters and precise bitting comedic flare.

Star of the Super Channel documentary Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire the film follows the trials and tribulations of creating a full-lengthened magic and illusion show on the Las Vegas strip. Hendrix is the 2021 recipient of the Carlton award from the magic circle, the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Allan Slaight Award, and was recently awarded  Stage Magician of the Year at the world-famous Magic Castle.



Garrett Thomas

Garrett Thomas thinks differently.

His magic is real, not borne of a purchased kit and rehearsed, but discovered on his own. He’s “a magician’s magician,” a real-life wizard whom even the finest and most practiced in the field of magic study for clues.

Magic is Garrett’s passion, path and art. It is the filter through which he perceives and lives his life. He’s an inventor, creating new concepts and principles by looking at the world and finding magic in it.

As an internationally recognized sleight-of-hand magician, his art comes from a lifetime of problem solving. Being dyslexic, he learned early to think things through in a different way, in order to find a path where there was none.

Crossing paths with Garrett Thomas is like an encounter with a unique and talented soul. His understanding of how perception works, the human body, and psychology allow him to “create a moment,” an experience of something you can’t explain, yet will always remember.

Garrett has performed across his home state of New York, around the country, including at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, in Canada and overseas. He has been a regular writer and consultant to David Blaine since 2003, performed for many celebrities, consulted other magicians, and in 2020 won the top prize on the TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us.


Rick Merrill

Rick Merrill won the FISM Grand Prix in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. What many do not know is, that in addition to his Grand Prix win, Rick also won the, rarely awarded, Comedy Award at FISM.  Since FISM, Rick has traveled the world with his unique style of comedy and magic.  He’s performed in over 40 countries headlining conventions, festivals and private and corporate events.  He also lectures and shares his most prized routines with magicians around the world.

It was 2003 when Rick first began to develop the magic act that would eventually take him around the world.  By 2004, Rick had won the top prize at national conventions of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians, the two largest and oldest magic organizations in North America.  In addition to 1st Place, Rick brought home awards in Originality and Comedy. The biggest compliment, however, may have been the “People’s Choice” distinction awarded to him at both conventions.

After this national success, Rick prepared to walk onto the international stage. In 2006, Rick represented the United States at the World Championships of Magic in Stockholm, Sweden.  Hosted by FISM (The “Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques” or the “International Federation of Magic Societies”), this event occurs every three years to select the best-of-the-best in the world of magic. When the dust settled, Rick was crowned World Champion in Close-Up Magic and became only the 4th American to win this award in the 60 year history of the event.



Christopher T. Magician

Christopher T. Magician is widely considered one of the top magicians for children in the world. His 4 books released to the magic community have been critically praised, and his popular Two Headed Prediction routine completely sold out of its first run. He currently performs for children and family audiences all over Southern California, and you may have recently seen him along with his dog Sam on Penn & Teller:Fool Us. 

Kyle Littleton

Kyle Littleton is an Atlanta-based magician, who’s known for his absurd and comedic style and is regarded as one of the most creative magicians of his generation. Genii Magazine, the world’s largest magic periodical, has featured him on numerous occasions for tricks he has developed reflecting his unique approach to magic. Littleton also performs and lectures across the globe for his contemporaries.  Kyle has recently appeared on Penn and Teller’s hit TV show, Fool Us, and performed at the world-famous, Magic Castle, in Hollywood, California. 


Paul Richards

Paul Richards has entertained and amazed audiences at corporate functions, trade shows, private gatherings, and comedy clubs, as well as doing promotional magic for radio and television. His energetic and highly visual form of magical entertainment is in high demand and never fails to create unique, long lasting memories.

Paul has brought his award winning magic to hundreds of venues across the United States, including appearances in major cities like New York City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, Houston, San Diego, and Los Angeles. He has also amazed and dazzled audiences in nearly a dozen countries.

Paul Richards also creates, develops, and markets magic that is used by leading magicians worldwide. He is also in high demand as a speaker and lecturer at conferences for professionals in his field.